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Thursday, October 29, 2015


We're gonna party like it's episode 99! Since this is the 99th epsiode of the podcast BJ decided to count down his top ten favorite albums to be released in the corresponding year of 1999.


  1. first off - YES! Troubled Times - not only one of my fave FOW songs, one of my fave songs overall for any artist.

    Shocked you don't have more love for Bleed American. The title track is probably their heaviest song ever. A Praise Chorus? One of their best, and the Crimson and Clover refrain is awesome. You like The Middle, which is one of the weaker cuts, though still a good song. Sweetness? Holy shit - fucking hard rocker with an amazing melody. The guitars are SO heavy on this one. And If You Don't Don't is the sweetest of sweet pop songs they have probably ever recorded. The record has at least 3 of their greatest songs ever, and IMO, blow away anything off of Clarity. But hey, that's why podcasts are cool, it's fun to hear what others value and have a debate.

    1. I think one factor would be if Bleed American was your intro to the band. I had Static Prevails when it was new and bought Clarity the day it came out. I think the songs on Bleed American are almost insulting when compared with the many amazing melodies on Clarity. To me there's not even any comparison to be made.

  2. Need to commit my list to the record before listening to the episode. I think of Late 90's.. early 2000's as sad period of music so was surprised at how many 1999 albums that I really like a lot!
    -RnR Pleeb

    01. Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs
    02. The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
    03. Fountains of Wayne - Utopia Parkway ... these first three could almost go in any order. All power pop perfection.
    04. The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I ... one of the great rock albums
    05. Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret ... perhaps my favorite album by them.
    06. Blur - 13 ... best band of the 90's IMO.
    07. Guided By Voice - Do the Collapse ... Ric Ocasek + GBV = Beautiful!
    08. XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1 ... not their best but any XTX album has to make a top 10 list for that year.
    09. Madness Wonderful ... good return after big gap in their discography.
    10. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Running with Scissors ... Truck Driving Song, and the Star Wars\American Pie song. Holds special place because I saw him on this tour.
    11. Supergrass - Supergrass .. underrated album by underrated band.
    12. Ben Folds Five, - The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner ... not sure if this holds up for me but remember having it on heavy rotation at one point.
    13. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I See a Darkness ... alt, lo-fi, sad country folk goodness. Music to not get out of bed for.
    14. Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up .. not my favorite album but (see also XTC) any of their albums will probably make my year-end list.
    15. Echo & the Bunnymen - What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? ... just cause I can't stop at 14.