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Thursday, November 6, 2014


No, this episode is not devoted to one of the most disappointing and overrated albums in history, the one that Metallica were not even inspired enough to give a name, nor to Prince's once mysterious underground opus. I stole this idea from Richard Linklater's truly excellent film Boyhood. In the film Ethan Hawke's character gives his son a gift he calls The Black Album which is a compilation he has compiled of songs from the post-Beatles solo careers of the fab four put together in the form of a lost Beatles album. Linklater and Hawke together chose the tracks that comprised their Black Album but they cheated and chose FIFTY songs. That's not an album. I decided to go with a slightly smaller number: 30. I figured I could get away with that number because that's how many songs are on The White Album. So I chose 30 songs from the former Beatles' solo careers, limiting myself to four by George and two by Ringo since that's how many songs the two of them had on The White Album. After whittling it down to 30 songs I did my best to sequence the songs in as similar a manner as I could to the sequencing of The White Album. And so...enjoy! BJ Kahuna's lost Beatles album. 

The music will play without interruption except for a few seconds of silence between each album side. If you want to be surprised stop reading here, otherwise my choices are listed below:

Side One
Junior's Farm
Mind Games
Instant Karma
Mrs. Vandebilt
Give Peace a Chance
Getting Closer
What Is Life
Cold Turkey

Side Two
Hands of Love
Maybe I'm Amazed
Fish on the Sand
Band on the Run
It Don't Come Easy
Eat at Home

Side Three
Live and Let Die
I'm Losing You
Too Many People
Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
Out the Blue
So Glad to See You Here
If You Believe

Side Four
Dear Yoko
Take It Away
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
My Mummy's Dead

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