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Friday, August 15, 2014


BJ welcomes back previous guest Greg Renoff who is writing a book about Van Halen called Van Halen Rising. Greg originally joined BJ on Episode 37 to discuss the early years of Van Halen but this time around they decided to pontificate about one of BJ's favorite bands growing up: DOKKEN.


  1. HI BJ, love your podcast. Decibel Geek turned me on to yours and I love it. I've used your show as a reason for articles a couple time now. Here's the Dokken one plus I did a KISS of the 80's too.Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Scott, glad you're enjoying the show. Your site looks fun.

  3. Great episode. Dokken was a great band and shame some of their production was bad\overdone. (I'd love to get a copy of that 1981 French pressing of Breaking the Chains. $40 bucks on e-bay though so probably will wait.)

    Good songs though. Here's my quick top ten:

    1. Breaking The Chains - Breaking the Chains
    2. The Hunter - Under Lock And Key
    3. Unchain the Night - Under Lock And Key
    4. I Can't See You - Breaking the Chains
    5. Nightrider - Breaking the Chains
    6. Tooth And Nail - Tooth And Nail
    7. It's Not Love - Under Lock And Key
    8. Don't Lie To Me - Under Lock And Key
    9. Standing In the Shadows - Back For the Attack
    10. Just Got Lucky - Tooth And Nail

    Honarable Mention
    Mr. Scary - Back For the Attack
    Jaded Heart - Under Lock And Key
    Felony - Breaking the Chains

    RnR P

  4. Thanks for the Dokken podcast. One thing I remember in their day was that they always seemed to be opening for someone though they seemed like they should have been headlining at some point, then Don Dokken would open his mouth on stage and you knew why. They weren't particularly great on stage. Funny how you guys touched on the Monsters of Rock moment, that was weird how they were on after Metallica killed it.