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Thursday, March 27, 2014


BJ and special guest Matthew Joseph present an overview of KISS' career in the 1980's and then each counts down his personal top ten favorite KISS songs from that tumultuous decade.

Matthew Joseph's Top Ten KISS songs from the eighties:
10. "Exciter" from Lick It Up
9. "Tears Are Falling" from Asylum
8. "Heaven's On Fire" from Animalize
7. "A World Without Heroes" from Music From "The Elder"
6. "Thrills In The Night" from Animalize
5. "Reason To Live" from Crazy Nights
4. "Forever" from Hot In The Shade
3. "I Still Love You" from Creatures of the Night
2. "The Oath" from Music From "The Elder"
1. "Creatures of the Night" from Creatures of the Night

BJ's Top Ten KISS songs from the eighties:

10. "Anyway You Slice It" from Asylum
9. "King of Hearts" from Hot In The Shade
8. "Naked City" from Unmasked
7. "Tears Are Falling" from Asylum
6. "I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)" from Animalize
5. "Who Wants To Be Lonely" from Asylum
4. "Creatures of the Night" from Creatures of the Night
3. "The Oath" from Music From "The Elder"
2. "Turn On The Night" from Crazy Nights
1. "Tomorrow" from Unmasked


  1. "Lick It Up"...honestly, most of the songs are indistinguishable from each other to me.

    1. My favourite would be Lick It Up. Thought it was a rather strong album.

  2. 1. Tears are Falling - Asylum
    2. Creatures of the Night - Creatures of the Night
    3. Heaven's on Fire - Animalize
    4. I Love it Loud - Creatures of the Night - Love the heavy drums. One of great rock sing-along anthems.
    5. Tomorrow - Unmasked - Just a good tune all around
    6. I've Had Enough (Into the Fire) - Animalize - a sentimental favorite as opening track of what might be my favorite 80's Kiss album.
    7. Fits Like a Glove - Lick It Up - Yeah, the lyrics are silly, but just good hard rocking up beat song that will make you drive fast.
    8. I - Music from the Elder - Admittedly not biggest fan of this album but do like this, the Oath.
    9. Turn on the Night - Crazy Nights - some of lyrics a little cheesy but good verse melody and solid chorus.
    10. Naked City - Unmasked - verses remind me of what Police\Kiss mashup might sound like.

    Just missed:
    Is That You? - Unmasked
    Forever - Hot in the Shade
    A Million to One - Lick it Up
    Any Way you slice it - Asylum

  3. Just heard this episode, really enjoyed it.

    I happened to see a copy of KISS record contract from the 80's. It stipulated that each album must contain:
    - At least 40% Gene songs, no matter how bad
    - One ballad, no matter how bad
    - One song that mimics whatever is commercially successful at the time, no matter how bad
    - The remainder of the album shall be filled with Paul Stanley classics

  4. My favourites (not claiming they are the "best"):
    1. Creatures Of The Night
    2. Crazy Nights
    3. Tears Are Falling
    4. Forever
    5. Heaven's On Fire
    6. I'll Fight Hell To Hold You
    7. Shandi (I'm from Australia!)
    7. Reason To Live
    8. I Love It Loud - sorry Gene, your only entry
    9. Lick It Up
    =11. Is That You?
    =11. Danger
    =11. I Still Love You
    =11. Hide Your Heart
    =11. Tomorrow
    =11. A Million To One
    =11. Exciter
    =11. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
    =11. King Of The Mountain
    =11. Who Wants To Be Lonely

  5. Loved this episode. Strongly agreed with some picks, strongly disagreed with others. I'd replace "Turn on the night" with just about any other song. When I see "Diane Warren" my heart sinks. I seemed to lose both Kiss and Cheap Trick right about the time they felt they needed her to help them write.

    Other great Kiss songs in the 80s (Plenty of Gene here):
    Is That You
    Easy As It Seems
    You're All That I Want
    What Makes The World Go Round
    Escape From The Island
    Dark Light
    War Machine
    Saint And Sinner
    Rock And Roll Hell
    Keep Me Comin
    On The 8th Day
    Crazy Crazy Nights
    Hell Or High Water

    By the way, "Didn't Know I Had It" from Woke Up With A Monster brought me back to Cheap Trick. "Childhood's End" brought me back to Kiss.